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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Nothing can refresh a home like the feel of a detailed carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning is done with truck-mounted equipment for several reasons, it provides a superior product for one. Secondly it allows for less disruption. We connect our cleaning and vacuum hoses to the vehicles, so only the technician and the carpet cleaning wand are in your home. It cuts down on noises and eliminates the need for large bulky machinery. We examine every carpet or upholstered item prior to cleaning to ensure the end result is a positive one that everyone will be happy will. 

Insurance billing is not a problem. Evergreen Restoration, Inc,. is staffed with skilled professionals who work with your Insurance Company and your Mortgage Company. We will send a detailed estimate over to your Insurance Company and also work directly with your Mortgage Company. We send documents that need to be administrated in order to insure payment is processed and inspection are meet to be in compliance with your Mortgage Company and Insurance Company.

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