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Fircrest Water Damage Expert

Water Mitigation

Water intrusion can be a very destructive force. Evergreen Restoration’s staff of IICRC trained technicians is suited for any Water Loss situations. Through intensive, on-going schooling and in-house training, we have staff available and answering the phones 24/7. Evergreen Restoration’s response time is unrivaled in the industry. Once on site, we are able assess the situation and address it immediately with our specialty equipment designed for these situation. In most instances, a few days of drying can reverse the effects of water damage. When the excessive moisture has been removed from the structure, our contractors can efficiently repair any damages to pre-loss condition.


When a water loss has occurred it is important to remember that the longer that water stands, the more difficult it becomes to remove and the more likely it is to become contaminated and/or germinate mold.

When Evergreen Restoration, is called to your home or structure in Fircrest, our IICRC Certified Technicians will do the following procedures EVERY TIME:

1. Take photo of the front of the home or structure and physical address.

2. Introduction of the crew to the Fircrest homeowner/property manager.

3. Speak with the Fircrest homeowner/property manager about the damage and find the point of origin.

4. Start with the point of origin and inspect all affected areas of the home for moisture.

5. Take Photo’s of all affected areas, including documenting the condition of all the personal belongings in the affected areas.

6. Walk through the home or structure with the Fircrest homeowner/property manager to explain the documented damage and the drying process.

7. All authorizations and releases signed and dated.

8. Begin extracting highly saturated areas from the water damage.

9. Remove any baseboards and doors to promote better airflow.

10. Remove all affected carpet and padding and any affected insulation in the crawl space.

11. Take samples of the damage areas for lead and asbestos and have the samples tested.

12. Remove all affected drywall from the Water Damage.

13. Set up equipment to begin the drying process.

14. Take photos of the water damaged areas with equipment operating and sheetrock removed.

15. Send documents to insurance company.


Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

(253) 535-3200 or (866) 948-3200 

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In 1907, financiers from San Francisco, including Major Edward J. Bowes of the "Original Amateur Hour" fame, had a vision of a ‘residential park, an enchanting spot to enjoy life and raise a family.’  With that in mind, they purchased a parcel of land to the west of Tacoma and named the subdivision Regents Park.  Their influence is reflected in the streets named after their California background and their value of higher education.


With its curved, aesthetically designed streets, sidewalks, and sewers, Regents Park offered quiet living with a strong sense of community.  The first store was established in 1919 on Farallone Avenue.  The Fircrest Golf Club was incorporated in 1923. 


In September 1925, Regents Park and its 306 residents incorporated as the Town of Fircrest in an effort to start new and reenergize the community.  Incorporation gave them the financial stability and control to repair and develop the infrastructure and services.


Through the years, Fircrest continues to preserve its sense of community. During the depression, milk and hot meals were provided to needy school children.  In 1936, ten dollars and ten days created one hundred dollars worth of Christmas toys for the children.  A 150-acre fire threatened Fircrest in 1949, but no homes were lost. 


In 1960, Fircrest retook ownership of its parks and constructed the community building, followed by the construction of the swimming pool and the dedication of Masko Park.  Fircrest continues to rival any city in Washington for resources and facilities dedicated to recreational purposes. The Annual Strawberry Feed began in 1976.


The first woman councilmember was elected in 1973.  Many changes occurred in 1988, including the change to a Council-Manager form of government.  In 1990, the town that had started as a subdivision became the City of Fircrest, having grown in size and population.  During the decade, surrounding properties were annexed to even out the boundaries and provide financial stability. 


The Public Safety Building was completed in 1979.  The 1990s saw the end of the volunteer fire department’s 52 years, and a contract was signed with the Tacoma Fire Department for emergency services.  The new City Hall building was built in 1999.


Today, Fircrest has lived up to the dream of a residential park.  The City has a reputation of quality living, great recreational facilities, and setting the standard for community oriented policing.

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