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Evergreen Restoration, Inc.
13716 Canyon Road East # C
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Phone: 253.535.3200
Toll Free: 866.948.3200
Fax: 253.535.3206

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Services Available

Fire Damage Restoration:
Evergreen Restoration’s full service Fire Damage Restoration department that specialize in the needs of our customers in difficult situations. With our number one goal being safety, we will ensure that the site is safe. In some instances this can mean boarding up doors, windows, applying temporary roof covers, or anything that ensures the safety of the occupant and their property. Our cleaning specialists starts the process with an emergency clean of items that can be salvaged with prompt attention. Once the home has been cleaned and deodorized, our highly skilled contractors go into action with structural repairs. When necessary, our staff will inventory personal belongings and move them to a secure storage area to allow for repairs.

Water Damage Mitigation:
Water intrusion can be a very destructive force. Evergreen Restoration’s expert staff of IICRC trained technicians is suited for any Water damage situations. Through intensive, on-going schooling and in-house training, we have staff available and answering the phones 24/7. Evergreen Restoration’s response time is unrivaled in the industry. Once on site, we are able assess the situation and address it immediately with our specialty equipment designed for these situation. In most instances, a few days of drying can reverse the effects of water damage. When the excessive moisture has been removed from the structure, our contractors can efficiently repair any damages to pre-loss condition.

Mold Remediation:
When excessive moisture is in an environment for a period of time, secondary damages such as mold can occur. While mold can be very serious issue, it can also be easily dealt with. Following the correct steps from start to finish can ensure a safe indoor environment. Evergreen Restoration’s staff use of HEPA rated machines, containment barriers, and industrial hygienists ensures no detail will be forgotten.

Emergency Storm Damage:
The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place with wonderful scenery. With this also comes the opportunity for the Mother Nature to act out. Winds off the coast, heavy snow in the foothills, or flooded rivers are just a few of the things that we must prepare for. When the weather worsens, Evergreen Restoration’s expert staff prepares for these things with a fully stocked warehouse of supplies. We are able to apply temporary cover to damaged roofs, remove fallen trees from homes, and any other circumstances that present it.

Content/structural cleaning:
Evergreen Restoration’s cleaning staff specialists is absolutely top-notch. Large praise like this is justified in so many ways. First, the IICRC Fire and Smoke Certifications they carry. This training enables our staff to carry our many different tasks. We are able to address smoke filled homes. We provide post-construction cleaning of the home in hopes of relieving this burden from our customers. Inventory is prepared in a concise way with spreadsheets and digital photography. Applicable items can be moved off site to a secured storage facility until it is appropriate to return them. A customer’s possessions are important to them; we understand that and conduct these activities with their concerns in mind.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning:
Nothing can refresh a home like the feel of a detailed carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning is done with truck-mounted equipment for several reasons, it provides a superior product for one. Secondly it allows for less disruption. We connect our cleaning and vacuum hoses to the vehicles, so only the technician and the carpet cleaning wand our in your home. It cuts down on noises and eliminates the need for large bulky machinery. We examine every carpet or upholstered item prior to cleaning to ensure the end result is a positive one that everyone will be happy will.

There may be no more difficult situation than the thought of vandalism. It can be more emotional than any other issue in the Insurance Restoration Industry. We jump into action securing the site, as well as handling every situation in a case –specific manner, while maintaining profession environment through a difficult situation.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

(253) 535-3200 or (866) 948-3200


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